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June 6, 2006

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Mazda Launches Freshened Mazda Axela in Japan

-Adds Mazdaspeed Axela with Direct Injection Turbo Engine to the Axela lineup-

HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation announced today that sales of the freshened Mazda Axela (known as Mazda3 in other markets), a sporty compact vehicle which has received rave reviews in markets around the world, have commenced
at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealers throughout Japan. Sales of a high performance model, the Mazdaspeed Axela (known as Mazdaspeed3 in North America and Mazda3 MPS in other key regions, including Europe, Australia and New Zealand) will commence on June 22. The Mazdaspeed Axela comes newly equipped with a 2.3-liter Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) turbo engine.

Mazda Axela Sport 23S

The Axela Sport (five-door) and Axela (four-door) body styles were launched in the Japanese market in October 2003 as Mazda’s next generation sports compact car. With a total global production volume of more than 920,000 units, as of the end of April 2006, this vehicle has emerged as a key product for Mazda.

The concept behind this freshening of the Axela and Axela Sport models is to upgrade them to become «dynamic sporty compacts that further exceed your expectations.» Mazda augmented the vehicles’ existing strengths such as their highly-acclaimed exterior and interior styling, dynamic performance and craftsmanship. Going a step further, the Axela was made even more competitive as a global compact car by improving its fuel economy and road quietness. The addition of the 20F grade four-wheel-drive (4WD) model also helps elevate the competitive edge of the entire Axela series.

Mazdaspeed Axela was updated to become a high performance compact and it achieves excellent driving performance that is among the leaders of the front-wheel-drive vehicle segment. The base model is the Axela Sport grade.

Its 2.3-liter DISI turbo engine and lightweight compact body produces high-powered driving, with optimum control delivered by the responsive, specially-tuned body, suspension and brakes. The main features of the Axela Sport are a refined design that complements its fine driving feel, which results in an ideal balance of driving pleasure and everyday ease of use.

The lifetime average sales target for the Axela series in the Japanese market is set at 2,000 units per month. This figure includes plans for monthly sales of 200 Mazdaspeed Axela units.

Outline of the freshened Axela Sport/Axela
By modifying the design of the front grille, fog lamp, front bumper, rear bumper, aluminum wheels (with three different designs ranging in size between 15 inches and 17 inches), rear roof spoiler,*1 and side underspoiler,*2 the Mazda Axela Sport appears even sportier than its predecessors. The Mazda Axela received upgrades that resulted in more modern and high-quality design. The Axela 20S model comes newly-equipped with a light emitting diode (LED) rear combination lamp.
*1 : This is available only for the Axela Sport 20S and 23S.
*2 : This is available only for the Axela Sport 20S and 23S, and the
Axela 20S.

The interior features newly adopted materials for the seat and door trim, with a new resin panel that enhances the quality of the interior design. A sporty black interior color, along with an elegant beige and high-quality gray, are used for each grade. Genuine black leather is available as a factory-installed option for the 20S and the 23S grades. In addition, a white gauge meter with indirect blue lighting accentuates Axela’s sportier interior look and enhances visibility. This feature is available on the 15F, 15C, 20F, and 20C grades.

Body Colors
Two new colors, Aurora Blue Mica and Crystal White Pearl Mica*3 have been added and two popular colors used on other Mazda models, Phantom Blue Mica and Galaxy Gray Mica, are among the total of 11 colors that can be selected for the Axela.
*3 : If this color is selected as the body color, the price increases by
31,500 yen (with tax).

Main features of Mazdaspeed Axela
Functioning as an air intake, the Mazdaspeed Axela’s sporty grille and bold front fender lines, large aerodynamically-shaped front bumper with lower grille, 18-inch aluminum wheels and floating roof spoilers, all serve to accentuate the Axela’s styling presence and are design cues that hint of its high-level driving performance.

With high-quality black tones in the interior, red stitching accentuates the seat colors. The interior also features a genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift boots to create a dashing-yet-modern ambience in the cabin. In addition, exclusive semi-bucket seats, a blackout-style speedometer with indirect blue lighting and aluminum foot pedals add to this model’s sporty looks.

Body Colors
Four body colors are available, including the model’s theme color (True Red) and an exclusive new body color only for the Mazdaspeed Axela called Cosmic Blue Mica.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the Mazda Axela lineup

Axela Sport and Mazdaspeed Axela Specifications

Specifications of Mazda Axela (four-door)

HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation today announced the launch in Japan of a special edition of its Mazda Axela (known overseas as the Mazda3). In addition, several models in the Axela range have received upgrades. Sale of the special edition Mazda Axela Sports 20S-SKYACTIV Advanced Style and the upgraded models started today at all Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

The Axela Sport 20S-SKYACTIV Advanced Style is based on the Axela Sport 20S-SKYACTIV and enhanced with features such as leather seats, a leather-wrapped parking brake lever, and cruise control. Additionally, ride quality is improved and noise in the cabin has been further reduced through the use of sound insulation and sound-proof glass. The model’s sporty features include a speedometer scaled up to 240km/h and a large rear roof spoiler.

Safety features have also been upgraded, including the employment of Mazda’s Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS), which alters the direction of the headlights in accordance with vehicle speed and steering movements. In addition, the Rear Vehicle Monitoring system detects vehicles approaching from behind on either side when driving on the highway. Warning signals alert the driver if he or she attempts to change lanes when there is a risk of collision.

With the upgrade to the Axela range, revisions to the fuel management system of the highly efficient SKYACTIV-G 2.0 direct-injection gasoline engine have resulted in improved fuel economy. The Axela Sport 20C-SKYACTIV and 20S-SKYACTIV equipped with 15-inch tires achieve a fuel economy rating of 17.4km/L (JC08 mode test cycle) and qualify for a 75% reduction in both vehicle acquisition and vehicle weight taxes under Japan’s eco-car tax reduction program*1.

The Mazdaspeed Axela is equipped with a powerful MZR 2.3-liter direct-injection turbo engine. Its look has been sharpened up with a new shark fin antenna and gunmetal gray for the aluminum wheels and lower rear bumper.

Main features of the special edition Mazda Axela Sport 20S-SKYACTIV Advanced Style

Superior high quality interior

A quieter cabin

Sporty interior and exterior design

Enhanced safety and comfort

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Mazda Axela Sport 20S-SKYACTIV

Main features of the upgraded Mazda Axela

Improved fuel economy of SKYACTIV-G 2.0 gasoline engine models. Axela Sports with 15-inch tires qualifies for 75% tax reduction.

15-inch tires available on more model grades and with a wider range of options

Renewed design for both interior and exterior

A sharp new sporty look inside and out compliments new features of the Mazdaspeed Axela

Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the upgraded Mazda Axela

Компания Mazda представила обновленные хэтчбеки и седаны Axela для японского рынка, а также «Мазду 3» для других рынков, в том числе и российского.

Рестайлинг автомобиля оказался довольно скромным: чуть-чуть изменена форма фар (они теперь могут быть светодиодными), контур радиаторной решетки напоминает о кроссовере CX-5, обновлены бамперы.

Единственное более-менее заметное отличие в салоне — новый руль. У дисплея на центральной консоли улучшено качество изображения, а машины в дорогих комплектациях теперь оснащаются электромеханическим стояночным тормозом.

Также инженеры модернизировали систему предупреждения столкновений. Она теперь оснащается не инфракрасными датчиками, а камерой, и способна распознавать другие транспортные средства и пешеходов на скоростях от 4 до 80 км/ч.

Еще одна новинка — система G-Vectoring Control, регулирующая тягу двигателя в зависимости от угла и интенсивности поворота руля, скорости и действующих на автомобиль ускорений. В итоге, реакции машины становятся более плавными и предсказуемыми. Позднее эта система появится и на других моделях марки.

На японском рынке Mazda Axela будет предлагаться с прежними силовыми агрегатами — бензиновым 1,5-литровым мотором и 2,2-литровым турбодизелем, а также с новым 1,5-литровым дизелем. В Европе у «Мазды 3» сохранится еще и двухлитровый бензиновый двигатель

О сроках появления обновленной «Мазды» пока не сообщается, скорее всего это произойдет в начале 2017 года. Сейчас у нас предлагаются седаны и хэтчбеки с бензиновыми моторами 1.5 и 1.6 по цене от 1 074 000 рублей.

Темы: Mazda Mazda Axela Mazda 3 Япония

Хэтчбек Mazda Axela первого поколения, 2003–2009

Первое поколение модели Mazda Axela (экспортное название — Mazda 3) выпускалось в Японии с 2003 до 2009 года. На машину устанавливали бензиновые моторы 1.5 (114 л. с.), 2.0 (143–150 л. с.) и 2.3 мощностью 171 л. с. Коробки передач — механическая или автоматическая, а машины с двухлитровым мотором могли быть не только передне-, но и полноприводными.

Мазда Аксела 2 поколение (BL) 2009–2013

Седан Mazda Axela второго поколения, 2009–2013

Седаны и хэтчбеки Mazda Axela второго поколения продавались на японском рынке с 2009 до 2013 года. Базовая модель оснащалась двигателем 1.5 (111 л. с.) в паре с вариатором, а версия с двухлитровым мотором (143–150 сил) комплектовалась только «автоматом». Самый мощный вариант — с 2,3-литровым турбомотором, развивающим 264 л. с., и механической коробкой передач. Для «Акселы» с двухлитровым двигателем в качестве опции предлагалась полноприводная трансмиссия.

Мазда Аксела 3 поколение (BM/BY) 2013

Актуальное поколение модели Мазда Аксела выпускается с 2013 года. На странице каталога вы найдёте подробную информацию об автомобиле Мазда Аксела, а также фото, видео, характеристики, отзывы, цены.

Модельный ряд Мазда

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July 14, 2016

Mazda Releases Updated Axela

— New technologies based on human-centered development philosophy yield further refinements in all respects —

HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation has released an updated Mazda Axela sports compact (known as Mazda3 outside Japan), which goes on sale at dealers in Japan today.*1 The updated model is now available with two clean diesel engines, as the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 joins the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 in the powertrain lineup.

Mazda’s new-generation lineup, which is designed to offer Jinba-ittai driving performance and an ideal driving position, got its start with the launch of the CX-5 in 2012. These products have been developed based on a human-centered development philosophy grounded in research into human traits and sensations in order to ensure a pleasing driving feel.

The updated Axela features G-Vectoring Control, the first in a series of new SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS technologies that provide integrated control of the engine, transmission, chassis and body to enhance the car’s Jinba-ittai feel. Natural Sound Frequency Control, another new technology featured on the updated Axela, reduces diesel knock in the SKYACTIV-D clean diesel engine for a more pleasant engine sound. Refinements have been made in every area based on Mazda’s human-centered development philosophy.

«Mazda is striving to become an irreplaceable presence in the lives of our customers, to create a special bond with them and to be a ‘one-and-only’ brand they will choose again and again,» said Masamichi Kogai, Mazda’s President and CEO. «In order to do that, we will continue updating our models with next-generation technologies based on our human-centered development philosophy, without concern for the timing of redesigns. We believe clean diesel engines will continue to be an important environmental technology, and we will work to further popularize them in Japan and around the world.»

Overview of the updated Mazda Axela

Updated Axela manufacturer’s suggested retail price (tax included)

Axela Sports (hatchback)

Axela Hybrid (sedan)

Updated Axela JC08 Mode Fuel Economy*9

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